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It's Sleepy Time!: A Bedtime Story
- By John M. Ortiz, Ph.D.

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Recording Time: 44 minutes

Publisher: The Institute of Applied Psychomusicology (SM)
Published in 2000

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"Simply listen, as scenes of swirling sounds sway your child into soothing sleep!"

Tossing and turning after a day of playing and learning? This calming exercise guides your child through a soothing journey of how the body falls asleep, from toes to head! A gentle combination of musical pulses, ocean waves, and sleep-inducing sound textures help to gradually escort your child to a deep, restful sleep. The techniques used in this recording are based on years of clinical research findings and sound collages found effective for relaxing young children.

It's Sleepy Time!

Track One
Guided Sleepy Time! story
with Soothing Pulse music for young children
(22 minutes)

Track Two
Soothing Pulse music for young children
(22 minutes)


Designed for children ages two through six, It’s Sleepy Time!© combines a layered tapestry of calming musical textures with a serene voice that gently lull your child into sleep, quickly and naturally. The Soothing Pulse music for children used on It’s Sleepy Time!© is based on Dr. Ortizs technique of Pulse Entrainment and consists of:

  1. A rhythmic, quieting beat designed to calm and balance the left and right brain hemispheres.

  2. A layer of comforting musical drones (continuous, meditative sounds) that serve to create a sense of peace.

  3. A background of restful ocean waves to help promote a natural flow.

  4. A gentle, guided journey of the imagination that captivates the listener and cushions the mind and body into a deep, natural sleep.


“We’ve been using ‘Sleepy Time’ with our kindergarten children for three months and it’s, by far, the kid’s favorite.  They go right to sleep. They also talk about ‘how the body falls asleep’ (the story on the tape) to the other children. Weve had requests from almost every parent for these CDs."

- Suzanne Duval, School teacher, Indiana

“Dr. O., we’ve been using the Sleepy Time and Daydreams CDs for three weeks now and our kids love them. We love them. They actually ask for them at night, your tape and their special snuggle toys. Thanks again!" 

- Jane and Eric Todd

“Regarding your CD, It’s Sleepy Time!, well, it gets our kids to sleep by the time you get to tummy! It’s so funny ‘cause they both want to hear the end of the story but it just kunks them out. What a great tape this is for kids, and parents!"      

- Bob Richards, Elizabethtown

“Your It’s Sleepy Time CD puts our four year old right to sleep. She call is Sleepy tape so I guess that’s good, it sure ain’t bad! I’ve got two just in case one disappears!" 

- Neve Brookes, PA.

“Dear Dr. Ortiz, the Sleepy Time CD has been so effective with my own children that I decided to try it on my pre-schoolers. Same effect…one-two-three: snore! How wonderful! There’s nothing more soothing than a room filled with sleeping children!"

- Susan Christian, pre-school teacher/mom

“The two CDs (Sleepy Time & Daydreams to Dreams) we have been playing for our children (Tommy Jr.- 5, and Carla – 9) are absolutely wonderful! I have recommended it to my neighbors, friends and relatives. Where were you nine years ago when Carla was born?!"

- Julie Flowers, well rested mom!

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