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Turning Daydreams into Dreams: 
A Bedtime Story™
- By John M. Ortiz, Ph.D.

Retail Price: CDs are $17.50 (including shipping and handling)
Recording Time: 44 minutes

Publisher: The Institute of Applied Psychomusicology (SM)
Published in 2000

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"Soothing sound-tapestries help busy daydreams turn into restful dreams"

In this exercise, a tapestry of peaceful sound textures, calming ocean waves, and a quieting, balancing pulse serve as backdrop to a serene voice that gently guides your child through a soothing, bedtime journey that helps to turn busy daydreams into peaceful dreams. Borrowing from standard, progressive relaxation techniques the narration uses positive, reassuring affirmations to encourage restful breathing, comfort, and letting go while promoting deep, tranquil sleep. Based on years of clinical research findings and sound collages found effective for relaxing older children.

Turning Daydreams into Dreams:
A Bedtime Story©

Track One
Guided Daydreams to Dreams story
with Soothing Pulse™ music for older children
(22 minutes)

Track Two
Soothing Pulse music for older children
(22 minutes)


Designed for children ages six through twelve, Turning Daydreams into DreamsÓ combines soothing soundscapes with a gentle voice that ushers children to a restful night's sleep. Once the day is done, sleeping can be fun, when you turn your daydreams into dreams. The Soothing Pulse music for children used on Turning Daydreams into Dreams: A Bedtime StoryÓ is based on Dr. Ortiz's technique of Pulse Entrainment and consists of:

  1. A rhythmic, quieting beat designed to calm and balance the left and right brain hemispheres.
  2. A layer of comforting musical drones (continuous, meditative sounds) that serve to create a sense of peace.
  3. A background of restful ocean waves to help promote a natural flow.
  4. A gentle, guided journey of the imagination that captivates the listener and cushions the mind and body into a deep, natural sleep.


Dear Dr. Ortiz, I want to thank you for including us as part of your “field research" studies for the CD: “Turning Daydreams into Dreams: A Bedtime Story." It is the first product that we have found that puts our seven year old Aspergers child, Stanley, to sleep. I cannot tell you how appreciative our entire family is for this CD.  
- Shirley and Mark Karlz

Dr. O., we’ve been using the “Sleepy Time" and “Daydreams" CDs for three weeks now and our kids love them. We love them. They actually ask for them at night, your tape and their special snuggle toys. Thanks again! 
- Jane and Eric Todd

The two CDs (Sleepy Time & Daydreams to Dreams) we have been playing for our children (Tommy Jr.- 5, and Carla – 9) are absolutely wonderful! I have recommended it to my neighbors, friends and relatives. Where were you nine years ago when Carla was born?!
- Julie Flowers, well rested mom!

Dr. Ortiz, we’ve tried lullabies, we’ve tried pre-recorded tapes, we’ve tried a “sound screen machine," we’ve tried nature sounds, they’ve tried our patience! “Turning Daydreams to Dreams" is a godsend. Finally, something that actually works! Thank you, thank you, thank you! 
- Bonnie and Howard Weadock, Scranton

Turning Daydreams into Dreams" is a dream come true. We use track one at home to get Darrell, our 10 year old, to sleep, and I use track two (the music alone selection) in my class as background to my own “nap time" story. It almost puts ME to sleep! A great tool.
- June Jacobs, Baltimore, Maryland

We use Dr. Ortiz's Bedtime CD, “Turning Daydreams into Dreams" for our first and second graders' nap time and the kids love it. They love the story, they love his voice and we love that they go right to sleep.
- Sally Krupp, Elementary School Teacher, Boston, MA.

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